The Last Immune


Syria 2021: a mysterious pathogen breaks out and rampages through the population; the infected becoming the virus itself, determined to transmit the infection by any means. Some are immune, amongst them is British army, intelligence officer MAJOR ANNIA CREED. Determined to save the life of a Syrian child, TAQI, Annia escapes with him across the wasteland Syria has now become, and discovers the truth about the virus and what it will take to stop it.


The Last Immune is about survival – at the film's heart is the story of a woman and a child, running for their lives at the outbreak of a deadly virus. But beyond this central emotional core is a universal, and very current, theme revolving around the safeguarding of our future against the threat of extinction – the 'human virus'. There is also hope here – there is a cure, to both the film's central threat and the bigger themes, but whether that hope will be ever be realised is left to the audience to decide.

Drawing on the Biotech expertise at the heart of the writing team, The Last Immune contains a threat that is very much based on real bio-warfare scenarios, giving the fear driving the story an edge that is only achieved through authentic, well-researched story-telling.

The Last Immune is set in Syria – at the tail-end of a war that most people think was over years ago. The film follows a well-trodden path of great cinematic thrillers in uncovering terrible deeds hidden in the theatre of war but with unique access to diplomats and military advisors, with years of experience in the region, The Last Immune will present the audience with a new window onto this world

Finally, taking its tone from the raw, bleached palette of desert locations, The Last Immune will provide an unvarnished look at war, betrayal and survival told from a uniquely female perspective, both behind and in front of the camera, integrating high-octane, set pieces with profound, truthful story-telling.


Status: Pitching

Producers: Jadey Duffield, Robin Ingle

Associate Producer: Steve Raeside

Writers: Jadey Duffield, Steve Raeside